Fujitsu Quad Zone system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ductless air conditioning?

Like conventional HVAC systems ductless systems locate the condensing unit housing the noisy compressor outside the building, however, the need for an evaporator and bulky ductwork inside the building is eliminated by using thin copper tubing carrying refrigerant to discreet units in each room.

The thin cooper tubing can pass through a small hole (3-4 inches in some situations) in either wall or ceilings to connect each indoor unit to the unit outside. Refrigerant is cycled through the tubing from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit, where the air is quietly and evenly distributed to the interior space where it is needed. Remarkably, the same system can work in reverse providing heat to the interior space.

By eliminating the need for bulky ductwork, ductless air conditioning is the ideal solution for older buildings or new additions where installing ductwork would take up valuable square footage.


Why should I choose ductless air conditioning?

Ductless systems give you the freedom to make the best of your living or working space by offering the personal comfort of a central air system along with the convenient zonal control of a window unit. The flexible product options can be dedicated to a single room or throughout an entire space.

Ductless systems are often used to heat or cool converted spaces lacking ductwork or to take care of hot or cold spots. They can also be used in temperature-sensitive rooms where storage or data needs to be protected. These high-efficiency systems can even help you save money by keeping your most-used spaces more comfortable, potentially allowing you to spend less on heating and cooling the rest of your space.


What do you mean by zone control?

Indoor units vary by size and style and each creates its own ‘zone’ of comfort, allowing you to heat or cool individual rooms, hallways or open spaces exactly as you want it. By providing just the right amount of heating and cooling specifically where you need it provides a comfortable environment throughout your building and saves you money


Is ductless air conditioning expensive to run?

No! Did you know some traditional forced air systems can lose up to 40% of its cooling through the ductwork alone? Because there are no ducts our systems lose less than 5%. Increased efficiencies mean lower utility bills, saving you money.


But does it really matter if my office is too hot?

Studies have shown that, on average, work performance decreases by 2% per degree increase when the temperature is above 25C. Ductless air conditioning is the ideal way to keep your workspace cool, comfortable and your staff working productively.


What warranty do I get?

Each Manufacturer offers different warranty terms, details of which will be included with your quotation.

All warranties are subject to a maintenance regime in line with the manufacturers and Going Ductless guidelines.

Maintenance costs start from as little as $249.00 per annum and upwardly increase dependant upon the size and complexity of the installation. Please contact us for a quotation.

What does your quotation normally exclude?

We pride ourselves that our costing include or exclude exactly what the client requests and have no hidden catches. We are happy to include all electrical and construction work related to your installation in order to offer a full working solution. Maintenance costs are to be considered as an additional sum and will be costed separately upon request.

I would like a quotation, what do I do?

Email or call us and speak to one of our staff who will be happy to discuss the project and your requirements. We will make an appointment for a brief site survey so that a quotation can be prepared for you.   Going Ductless does not employ sales staff, we do not believe in hard sell practices, the purpose of the appointment is to simply assess your requirements in order to produce an accurate quotation. If your project has engineered drawings a site survey is not usually required. Simply email us a copy of the drawings and we’ll price the job from there

How long does an installation take to complete and install?

How long is a piece of string? An installation depending upon its complexity and spend level can be phased from a single day to many months. The timescales will be indicated in your quotation.

How do I know the equipment you propose will last and be reliable?

All of the products we sell are market-leading brands and have an expected life of over fifteen years dependent upon application. This life span is of course subject to routine maintenance.

Can I have a system that cools and heats?

Yes! Ductless systems can offer both heating and cooling.

Should I have my system serviced regularly?

Yes! Too often, system maintenance is neglected – and even the most efficient air-conditioning systems will not fulfil their operating potential if not serviced regularly. A well-maintained air-conditioner is efficient and therefore reliable!