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Frequently Asked Questions 

What warranty do I get?

Each Manufacturer offers different Warranty terms, details of which will be included with your quotation.

All warranties are subject to a maintenance regime in line with the manufacturers and Going Ductless guidelines.

Maintenance costs start from as little as $249.00 per annum and upwardly increase dependant upon the size and complexity of the installation. Please contact us if you require a quotation.


Can you service & repair our systems even though you have not installed them?

We can carry out service and maintenance works for all systems whether they have been installed by Going Ductless Ltd or not.


What does your quotation normally exclude?

We pride ourselves that our costing include or exclude exactly what the client requests and have no hidden catches. We are happy to include all electrical and construction work related to your installation in order to offer a full working solution. Maintenance costs are to be considered as an additional sum and will be costed separately upon request.


Do your systems comply with Health and Safety requirements?

All systems we offer comply with Health and Safety requirements. All documentation produced also complies with the same.

We produce all method statements and risk assessments for the proposed installation or service / repair works in line with our quoted costs. This documentation is released upon receipt of an official order or letter of intent.

Are projects fully managed?

All projects no matter how large or small are fully managed by our nominated supervisory and project management staff. Whether a project is 2k or 200k it will be managed to the same high level.


Can works be undertaken ‘out of hours’?

Yes, we are happy to carry out works during the evening or a weekend to minimise disruption at your place of work. It should be noted that costs ‘out of hours’ are slightly more expensive than normal working hours due to an increase in our staff’s pay scale for these unsociable hours.


I would like a quotation, what do I do?

Call the office and speak to one of our staff who will be happy to discuss the project and your requirement, alternatively click on the REQUEST A QUOTE link at the top of the page. We will make an appointment for a brief site survey so that a quotation can be prepared for you.   Going Ductless does not employ sales staff, we do not believe in hard sell practices, the purpose of the appointment is to simply assess your requirements in order to produce an accurate quotation.


I have heard air conditioning systems are expensive to operate and run. Is this true?

We hear this all of the time and it is quite simply untrue. There are systems within the market place which are expensive to run due to being inefficient but the systems we offer are extremely energy efficient.


What other services can you offer once the installation is complete?

Going Ductless Ltd are able to offer extensive services ranging from simple telephone support to fully managed on site maintenance contracts. We are happy to service and repair the equipment for years to come whether under warranty or not.


How long does an installation take to complete and install?

How long is a piece of string? An installation depending upon its complexity and spend level can be phased from a single day to many months. The timescales will be indicated in your quotation.


How do I know the equipment you propose will last and be reliable?

All of the products we sell are market-leading brands and have an expected life of approximately fifteen years dependant upon application. This life span is of course subject to routine maintenance. There are cheaper products within the industry which last only a few years before they become unreliable. At Going Ductless Ltd we steer well clear of these and only offer the market leading brands. We would rather walk away from these brands and this type of work and have done on many occasions with no regrets.

Can I have a system which cools and heats?

Yes! Systems heat and cool if required from the same piece of kit. To give you an idea, heat pump systems can be offered for only a few percent more when compared to cooling systems and in some cases for the same cost.