Hints and Tips


Users should avoid setting the set temperatures on the controller lower or higher than the desired set temperature when the system is first switched on. This action will not achieve the desired set condition any quicker and will only result in the overshooting of the desired set temperature, increasing compressor usage.


Regular maintenance checks will ensure your air-conditioning system operates as efficiently as possible. Energy consumption can increase by as much as 60% as a result of replacing poorly maintained or dirty components. Simple routine maintenance such as checking and cleaning fans, filters and coils/heat exchangers will maintain system efficiency.


Too often, system maintenance is neglected – and even the most efficient air-conditioning systems will not fulfill their operating potential if not serviced regularly. A well-maintained air-conditioner is efficient and therefore reliable!

To ensure reliability and to maintain manufacturer’s warranty we strongly recommend users take up maintenance contracts.


Always provide suitable service access for Technicians to carry out effective system maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations


Avoid letting direct sunshine enter the room when the air conditioner is in operation


Keep the room temperature uniform – adjust the vertical and horizontal airflow directors to ensure an even temperature in the room


Avoid opening doors and windows as much as possible to keep the cool air in the room but do ventilate the room from time to time


Use high fan speed for effective and fast cooling – the unit gives its rated cooling capacity when the fan speed is high.


If cold air is escaping, check for open furnace floor registers and cold air return